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IP Protection & IPR Audit

Advisory Services


Fraud is the art of deliberate deception for unlawful gain. Advisory Services that IFAIA provides are largely related to prevention of fraud and white-collar crime. This is what Corporates would seriously lookout for and that is what IFAIA is about. Fraud prevention does not only mean creating a work environment that values openness but also has effective strategy. It needs strategy and it must be remembered that more effective the strategy more effective will be the compliance.

The starting point would be to place on record a 'Fraud Policy' and 'Fraud Risk Management Strategy'. Fraud Risk analysis focuses on Control as better placement of Controls leads to stronger prevention.


IFAIA has a team of professionals who have in depth understanding on how best to place controls in order to prevent any wrong at Corporates. IFAIA has a team who has been working in this direction and has helped various Public Sector, Multi National Corporations and Indian Corporate in:-
  • Identifying the vulnerable areas in an ERP environment, which is often the weak link in the system
  • Suggesting meaningful and effective controls for preventing wrongs and how best to monitor them
  • Helping out in creating and developing comprehensive 'Fraud Risk Management Strategy' that is best suited for the corporate
  • Provide complete advisory support on fraud prevention

Our Approach

IFAIA closely works with corporate on advisory services and helps setting in place, various fraud risk policies, strategies and controls to assist in continuous monitoring.