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Independent System Certification

Businesses world over are quietly undergoing fundamental changes. Impact of globalization, speed of communication, borderless trade, e-commerce, importance of trade secrets & confidential information, influence of intellectual property, and global competition have converged to put them on a sort of trapeze , where in, once they lose their grip they are bound to fall.

Simultaneously, corporate governance and transparency in the complete range of operation has become the mantra of corporate management. To adhere to this policy corporate have put in place various ERP Networks, Rules, Regulations, Codes, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, which needs to be meticulously followed by one and all. The public in general and share holders in particular needs timely independent assurance that these ERP Networks, Rules, Regulations, Codes, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines as laid down and established are being meticulously followed. This assurance can best be given by those who have credibility in professional consultancy and understand the issues, have in depth and complete business knowledge and clear perception as to how each element of business operates and influence the business growth.

IFAIA Consultings has a group of experts in different field of Information Security, ERP Network, Intellectual Property, Legal Compliance, E-Commerce, Information Technology, besides the core expertise in Fraud Risk Management can provide factual insight on compliance. It would therefore be desirable for any organization to put itself to certification by IFAIA Consultings in order to build up credibility and transparency in corporate governance.