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Institute of Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit (IFAIA)

One-Day Symposium
Prevention, Detection & Investigation of Financial Frauds & White-Collar Crimes
The Best Way Forward to Manage the Growing Menace
For : All Business Establishments, Banks, Govt. & Public Sector
With Focus On:
Sharing Experience & Learning On Recent Large Scale Frauds Detected By IFAIA At Various Establishments
Data Mining, In-House Investigation, Computerization, ERP Structuring and Forensic Audit, As a Mitigating Tool To Prevent & Detect Financial Frauds & White-Collar Crimes






16'th July'2013

Radison Blu (Near Airport)


17'th July'2013

Hotel Le-Meridien


19'th July'2013

Hotel Hilton (Near Airport)

New Delhi

22'nd July'2013

Hotel The Suryaa (New Friends COlony)


IFAIA is a unique Indian venture to meet the global challenges of growing menace of frauds and white-collar crimes in business establishments. IFAIA was setup in the late Nineties by those, who have been in the field of Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit for many decades and have themselves sniffed out, investigated and prosecuted scores of frauds and white-collar crimes. IFAIA is promoted with the objective to educate business establishments, create and promote in-house team across industries, so as to actively combat the growing menace head-on. IFAIA also provides education on Ethics & Moralities which needs to be closely integrated in corporate discipline, besides educating on intricacies and practical aspects of Forensic Accounting, Investigative Audit, Promoting Investigative Skills and imparting education on new emerging issues on aligning new business methods and technology with existing process, with primary objective to put in place the sensible controls and practices to prevent any wrong.

In nut shell IFAIA provides complete Anti Fraud Education in India and Abroad through symposiums and workshops for the establishments at large and in-house educational training programmes globally for large multinational corporate such as State Bank of India, Axis Bank, IDBI Bank, ITC Group, Shree Cement Group, NTPC, Indian Oil, GAIL, Toshiba Group, World Bank among many others to promote Fraud Risk Management Strategy for Prevention, Detection, Investigation & Prosecution of Frauds and White- Collar Crimes, as a single point destination.

Why Attend?

Accounting fraud is one of the worst types of fraud in the business world. Financial Frauds and White-Collar Crimes have been growing at an alarming pace as the fertility of man's invention in devising new scheme of fraud is never ending. The increasing number of White-Collar Crimes particularly in financial fraud activities which has hit 80% of Indian companies in past two years is creating new trend in White-Collar Crimes and has become a serious area of concern for all. At the same time the new business methods and the ERP applications which are making business dynamic are also making them vulnerable to Financial Frauds as the technology dependency through ERP application generates unrealistic expectations whereas ERP systems aren't set up to detect frauds and can be easily used to perpetrate and perpetuate frauds, unless it is properly structured, implemented and systematically monitored.

In the absence of meaningful controls, the present business and social environments create ideal scenario for the wrongdoers to exploit the weaknesses prevalent in the system, for their personal gains, based on inherent risk, wherein the wrongdoers can easily get away. At the same time frauds travel to grow exponentially over the period, if not detected on time. Therefore the prevention through meaningful controls and early detection by corporate professionals with right mind-set, professional expertise and proactive fraud risk management strategy could save fortunes for the establishments.

The Symposium is organized in order to give real insight of the crime to the delegates as to; what are the vulnerable areas, what are the lead indicators and red flags, what are the modus operandi of the crime, how to sniff out & investigate crime, how to create effective controls and how to build pro-active 'Anti-Fraud Strategy'.

This Symposium will move beyond the theory of audit and compliance programmes so as to give you practical guidance on fraud prevention, based on real-life examples.

Who Should Attend?

Promoters, Directors, Chief Executives, Members Audit Committee, Vigilance Officers , Bankers , Legal Team members, Project Managers, Senior Executives- in the field of Accounts & Finance, Internal Controls, Risk Managers, Practicing Chartered Accountants, Qualified Accountants, Legal Professionals dealing with financial crime and those who wish to pursue Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit as a Profession.

About the Speaker

Vinod has been in the field of Finance and Investigative Audit for the last 38 years. Vinod started his own practice in Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit in the late Nineties. During his widely exposed professional career in Govt., Public and Corporate Sector, largely Vinod has been investigating and educating on fighting White-Collar Crimes, by practicing a mix of Accounting, Law, Computerization, Intellectual Property, Ethics and Criminology coupled with his professional qualification being a B.Com, PGDFA, MBA, AICWA, CFA, LL.B, among other specialized qualifications in Investigation and on ERP Applications. Vinod has been visiting various establishments to undertake 'System Evaluations' and 'Forensic Audit' and has undertaken more than 200 such audits across industries. During the process of System Evaluation and Forensic Audit he himself has sniffed more than 100 Frauds and White-Collar Crimes, some of them of very high value. He is often engaged by Corporate and Banks for various System Evaluations, Fraud Investigations, Legal Support and Training through sharing experiences.

Vinod is the Founder President of the Institute of Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit ( He is also the Executive Director of the Institute of Intellectual Property Research and Development ( wherein his personal focus is on Due-Diligence, Valuation and Theft of Intellectual Property. Vinod is also a Senior Partner in 500 legal recommended Law Firm, Khurana & Khurana Advocates & IP Attorneys ( and Litigates Fraud/ Infringement related matters.

Vinod has been speaking on Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Financial Frauds, White-Collar Crime and theft of Intellectual Property at various National & International forums in India and Abroad. Vinod in his capacity as President of the Institute of Forensic Accounting & Investigative Audit has also held more than 100 National and International symposiums in different countries, besides numerous in-house educational training programmes globally for well established Multi National Corporation such as, State Bank of India, IDBI, Axis Bank, Indian Oil Corporation, ITC Ltd, Bharti Tele-Venture Ltd, Shri Cement, TVS Group, Toshiba Group of Japan, KPMG, NTPC, Action Aid International among many others. Vinod is member of Delhi Bar Council and practices in Financial Frauds, White-Collar Crime and theft and disputes of Intellectual Properties. He is also associated with many Corporate as Advisor on developing and monitoring Fraud Risk Management Strategies.

Symposium Agenda and Layout

Module-I (0830-1000)

Forensic Audit as a Tool to Prevent & Detect Financial Frauds & White-Collar Crimes; Ground Realities: Session will provide you learning on:

  • Present Fraud Risk Scenario & How to Mitigate
  • Forensic Audit; as a proactive tool to prevent & detect frauds
  • Why and What Types of corporate frauds are growing?
  • Often observed weak areas in accounting practices which promote frauds
  • Computerisation / ERP as an aid to fraud & how Forensic Audit helps in understanding these
  • Understanding of Red flags, and Art of Spinning, as early warning.
  • Tea-interaction: 1000-1015

    Module-II (1015-1145)

    ERP Analysis & Data Mining as a Tool to Detect Financial Frauds & White-Collar Crimes; Case Studies: Session will provide you learning on:

  • How to structure ERP/ Computerisation
  • How to structure Data Mining
  • Data mining a tool in ERP/ Computerised environments. (CaseStudies)
  • Art of data mining; a tool as detective control to look for missing links(Case Studies )
  • Analysis of Audit trail; as early warnings

  • Module-III (1200-1330)

    Recent Case Studies; sniffed out, investigated and Prosecuted by the Speakers: Session will provide you learning on:

  • Case studies explaining the "Modus Operandi of Frauds & White-Collar Crime" related to; misappropriating Banking operation, fudging of bills, contract fudging and maneuvering, theft of physical assets, theft of financial investments, fudging of invoices, fund transfers, theft of Inventory through various mode, theft of intellectual property and fudging of records to reconcile the wrongs done
  • Highlighting lead indicator & symptoms which tracked the investigator to sniff out the crime and Lessons learned

  • Module-IV (1415-1545)

    Corporate In-House Handling of Fraud Suspicion and How Best to Undertake In-house Fraud Examination & Investigation Design Session will provide you learning on:

  • Importance of In-House Fraud Investigation and its Modus-Operandi
  • Scientific ways of in-house fraud examination procedure
  • Ways of interrogation and how best to start
  • Importance of interrogation and when to start
  • Investigative Techniques and Investigative Methodologies
  • Interview Techniques to Establish Evidences and Getting To The Truth
  • How to move forward to bring the fraud to logical conclusion

  • Module-V (1600-1700)

    How to Design Meaningful Controls and Fraud Risk Management Strategy Session will provide you learning on:

  • How to evaluate and structure meaningful controls to prevent and detect any wrong
  • Types of Control; Preventive Controls, Detective Controls & Corrective controls and how do they function
  • Fraud prevention is loss prevention, Key elements of a fraud risk management framework
  • How to structure and introduce Fraud Risk Management strategy

  • Module-VI (1700-1730)

    New Growing Trend in White-Collar Crime and Answering any question related to Forensic Audit and Fraud Investigation


    Delegate Fees: 11236/- (Rs. 10000/- + Rs. 1236/- (Service Tax)) Per Delegate
    Service Tax No: AABFI6363FST001

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    Secretary General
    Institute of Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit,
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