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Legal Services


When the suspicion stands after all scrutiny, the perpetrator becomes the accused and when charges/ allegations stand after all the scrutiny the accused becomes the convict. But the journey from suspicion to conviction is too tedious and complex. The Best way for corporate is to handle the white-collar crime of financial nature involving financial/ accounting documents is essentially to include a Forensic Accountant, as part of the investigative team from the word go, because whatever the team does has to stand to the legal scrutiny. A Forensic Accountant, who is legal practitioner, is the best-fit to be part of the corporate team.


IFAIA is a one stop shop for all corporate for any legal assistance involved in corporate frauds. IFAIA has an in-house Law Firm by the name of Khurana & Khurana Advocates and IP Attorneys, who provide all legal support to corporate on Fraud, White-Collar crimes and IP Infringement cases.

Our Approach

IFAIA closely works with corporate on Forensic Legal Services related to Fraud & White Collar Crime. IFAIA associates with corporate begin as soon as the complaints and suspicions emerge. IFAIA strongly believes if the Investigation is not professionally handled or if there is any slip up on any technolegal issue, the same can lead to the culprit getting away go scot- free. Good numbers of IFAIA team members have legal background and essentially practice in legal domain though being qualified accountant. Our senior team members who have prosecuted and defended number of cases are closely associated with a number of companies on retainer basis as well as assignment basis. IFAIA members also support companies wherever they require expert witness as well as on the evidential value as revealed during investigation.