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System Evaluation and ERP Application Analysis
New business methods and the speed, which are making business dynamic, are also making them vulnerable to financial frauds. At the same time technology dependency through ERP application generates unrealistic expectations and often has inbuilt limitations, which are not exposed at the time of implementation. During our Investigative Audit and System Analysis we have sniffed out Scores of Frauds & White- Collar Crime of high value, all these crimes had different modus operandi. You will be surprised to know as to how a company's "Bank Account" can be abused, Revenues diverted, Purchases manipulated and Expenses fudged, Investments and Assets removed physically and from records without the knowledge of the promoter.

If you're desirous of an independent evaluation of your system and ERP application analysis in order to place right and meaningful control to fraud proof business. We would provide you the real insight and give you the right feedback for your systems for closer introspection.