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IP Protection & IPR Audit

Computer Forensic

Business today relies on computer, computer system may crash, files may be deleted, disk may be formatted, files may be overwritten or computer viruses may corrupt files, all of these can lead to the loss of your critical data and you may think it's lost forever but our computer forensic experts will deploy the latest tools and techniques to recover your data.

At the same time computer based criminal activities are growing and costing the business heavily, the danger from cyber criminal are wrecking havoc and in time to come is going to be the biggest threat area, hence needs to be well understood. One of the fundamental principle of computer investigation is the need to follow established and tested procedures meticulously, wherein reproducibility of evidence is the key. The computer evidence is fragile and susceptible to alteration or erasure by any number of occurrences. Therefore electronic evidence and information gathering have become central issues in an increasing number of crimes. Our computer forensic experts can plays a vital role, since no matter how careful the criminals are, invariably they leave behind traces of their activities. Our computer forensic experts are well versed with the presentation, identification, extraction and documentation of computer evidence stored as data in any electronic form.