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IP Protection & IPR Audit

Fraud Risk Management

A right tool to promote Anti-Fraud Culture, place on record as fundamental guidelines, at all corporate to prevent frauds. There is no standard yard stick which would fit in at each corporate Diaspora. IFAIA Consultings have perfect expertise to help develop fraud risk management strategy. To develop FRMS, IFAIA Consultings often emphasis on Fraud Risk Management Manual, which would need change or modification, depending upon the existing policies and practices at the Corporate.

Fraud Risk Management Manual

Our primary focus on developing Fraud Risk Management Manual is to develop an Anti-fraud culture, through fraud risk management strategy, so that fewer and fewer people will be inclined to commit fraud. The manual will broadly provide the detailed write-up and policy on:
  • Fraud Risk Policy and Objective
  • Organization for Fraud Risk Management
  • Areas of responsibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Development of Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Development of Risk Mitigation Strategies Framework by Business Units Reporting System
  • Investigation Frame Work with Schedule
  • Prosecution Policy and Legal Framework
  • Formalized procedure for grievances reporting for employees, dealers, contractors and customer
  • Formalized fraud reporting procedure by employees, stakeholder and protection to whistle blower
  • Framing a Standardized Code of Ethics and Conduct for Employees, Contractors, Dealers, and General Awareness Guidelines for Customers