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IP Protection & IPR Audit

IPR Audit

The importance of Intellectual Property and the laws regulating it have undergone sweeping change in the last few years. Considering the value and power of intellectual property, it is not surprising that infringement lawsuits are proliferating. Too much is at stake to ignore infringement of such valuable property. It thus becomes mandatory for any organization to protect and safe guards its intellectual capital (Intellectual Property+ Intangible Assets).
In order to do so it is imperative for the companies to understand
  • What rights the organization own?
  • Whether the organization is protecting its right properly?
  • Is the mode of protection adequate?
  • Whether it has proper procedure to determine what rights it should be registering?
  • Whether it has a system to minimize the risk of infringing third party rights?
  • Evaluation of contractual term for the right assigned or used under license?
  • How trade secrets are protected from employees?
  • Should the organization develop back up 'mark' and such other important issues?

As the subject is critical and not so well understood in general, we assure you our IP Experts would help you in streamlining and strengthening you IP protection and development policy to commercially exploit them. In order to set up strong proactive system, audit of IPR by our expert team of professionals would help in setting up the system and to lay down the mandatory built in checks and controls.

At the same time protection of Intellectual Property is primary, as the worth of intellectual property rights does not lie in particular idea or technology, rather the value lies in the owners ability to prevent other from infringement, they are monopolistic in nature mandated by statute, therefore the key to protection is the knowledge and awareness on how to protect Intellectual Property.