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Litigation & Expert Witness

IFAIA Consultings brings you a wide variety of litigation support broadly covering Fraud Risk Management Strategy with primary focus on Investigation of financial frauds & white-collar crimes and to bringing these investigations to logical conclusion, from on-the-scene and pre-trial investigation research to concluding analysis and expert testimony. Our litigation support specialists , who have themselves sniffed out, investigated and prosecuted scores of frauds are best placed to provide the information and advisory services you need to substantiate material allegations, locate and determine motives of witnesses, to analyze and place on record the right evidential exhibits and critical facts. Our litigation support services team completes each assignment quickly and carefully, with the highest degree of professionalism, as this is the core area of IFAIA Consultings.

Expert Witness helps to remove doubts and brings the real insight of the matter before the judiciary. Many a times we have seen the evidence alone does not always win a court case. Sometimes, you need an expert witness to remove doubt from the minds of the jury and we could provide expert witness testimony at your court trials. Our Forensic Accountants serve as expert witnesses in calculating damages, losses and explaining discrepancies and various forms of illegal activity including damages on infringement of Intellectual Property.