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Corporate management in the present social and working environments is becoming scary. White-Collar Crime Menace is so widespread that I candidly see no company, Small or Big, Public Sector or Private Sector, Service sector or Manufacturing Sector, which is not hit by this menace. What is scarier is the fact that most of the frauds in the Business Industry do not come to limelight as usually they do not get reported. An exception to this is the Institution such as banks, where reporting is inevitable. These Frauds not only have serious implications for corporate reputation and profitability but also renders large number of man-hours to unproductive nullity. Human ingenuity is infinite; the ingenuity of man's potentials in devising new scheme of fraud is never ending. At the same time, business is no longer done in the traditional way today the modus operandi of business is dynamic the best of the Industrial houses whose ingenuities were never a matter of deliberation are bleeding,. The new business methods and the speed, which are making business dynamic, are also making them vulnerable to financial fraud. The industry is in a state of flux wherein new ways of doing business are coming in and older ways are going defunct, but this transition process is not complete. For example, there are incomplete processes, lack of transparency and technology dependency through ERP application which generates unrealistic expectations, where as there is thick fog behind the screen, for many reasons, leaving much to be desired on all fronts. These factors create ideal environments for the fraudster to exploit the weaknesses of the prevalent system. Therefore Frauds and White-collar crimes have been increasing at an alarming pace, based on inherent risk prevalent in the system; creating an urgent need for all corporate, small or big, to understand the seriousness of the issues and appreciate the concern which is much desired for the well being of the corporate. I strongly believe the frauds can be prevented if they are well understood by the top management and controls are well placed and monitored regularly. In sum I would state, do not accept frauds & white-collar crimes to be a part of the cost of your business, be better prepared and learn to manage the risk.
About Mr. Vinod Khurana
Vinod has been in the field of Finance and Investigative Audit for the last 43 years. Vinod started his own practice in Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit in the late nineties. During his widely exposed professional career in Govt., Public and Corporate Sector, Vinod has been investigating and educating on fighting White-Collar Crimes, by practicing a mix of Accounting, Law, Computerization, Intellectual Property, Ethics and Criminology coupled with his professional qualification being a B.Com, PGDFA, MBA, AICWA, CFA, LL.B, among other specialized qualifications in Investigation and on ERP Applications. Vinod is often engaged by CBI to impart training and is a sought after speaker for Corporate and Banks for various System Evaluations, Fraud Investigations, Due- Diligence during acquisition & restructuring, Legal Support and Training programmes through sharing experiences. Vinod has undertaken, all by himself, more than 200 National and International symposiums in different countries. Vinod is the founder President of the Institute of Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit ( He is also the founder Executive Director of the Institute of Intellectual Property Research and Development ( and a founder Partner in 500 legal recommended Law Firm, Khurana & Khurana Advocates & IP Attorneys ( and Litigates exclusively in Fraud/ Infringement/ Contractual-disputes related matters.