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Protection of IP

Theft of Intellectual Property is generic term it primarily includes:
  • Infringement - Colorable imitation, where such use is likely to cause confusion/deception
  • Passing-Off - Species of unfair trade competition
  • Counterfeit - Counterfeiting is the knowing duplication of a product
  • Piracy - Piracy is infringement of others copyright
  • Dilution - Use by other in connection with non-competing goods
  • Copycat - Replica of the goods in form and substance but not using the brand name

At the same time Frauds & White Collar Crime in the field of Intellectual Capital (Intellectual Property +Intangible Assets) is extremely lucrative, wherein an employee could easily pass on Intellectual Capital be it intangible assets, new invention in process, new concept or design or trade secret to the competitor at very attractive returns. Corporate needs close monitoring through proper agreement with the employees, intelligence gathering and by keeping track of immediate relieved employees.

IFAIA Consultings have deeper understanding on the existing problem and has complete network in various countries where IFAIA Consultings operates through the associates and hence can provide a complete IP & Information Security protection.