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Two Days Symposium On

Forensic Accounting & Investigative Audit

With Focus On:

The Best Way Forward to Manage the Growing Fraud Menace


10'th - 11'th September 2014, at Hotel Hilton, (Andheri East) Mumbai

15'th - 16'th September 2014, at The Suryaa, (New Friends Colony) New Delhi


IFAIA is a unique Indian venture to meet the global challenges of growing menace of frauds and white-collar crimes in business establishments. IFAIA was setup in the late Nineties by those, who have been in the field of Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit for many decades and have themselves sniffed out, investigated and prosecuted scores of frauds and white-collar crimes. IFAIA is promoted with the objective to educate business establishments, create and promote in-house team across industries, so as to actively combat the growing menace head-on. IFAIA also provides education on ethics & moralities which needs to be closely integrated in corporate discipline, besides educating on intricacies and practical aspects of forensic accounting, investigative audit, computer forensic, promoting investigative skills and imparting education on new emerging issues on aligning new business methods and technology with existing process, with primary objective to put in place the sensible controls and practices to prevent and detect any wrong.

In nut shell IFAIA provides complete Anti Fraud Education in India and Abroad on practical note, through symposiums and workshops for the establishments at large and in-house educational training programmes globally for large multinational corporate such as SBI, Axis Bank, IDBI Bank, ITC Group, Shree Cement Group, NTPS, Indian Oil, GAIL, Toshiba Group, World Bank among many others to promote Fraud Risk Management Strategy for Prevention, Detection, Investigation & Prosecution of Frauds and White-Collar Crimes, as a single point destination. Members of the Institute has often conducted training programme at CBI Academy on Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation.

Why Attend?

Financial and White-Collar Frauds is one of the worst types of fraud in any business domain. The increasing number of White-Collar Crimes has hit most of the Indian Companies, Banks, Govt & Public Sector and the new growing trend in White-Collar Crimes has become a serious area of concern for all.

This Symposium will move much beyond the theory of audit and compliance programmes by sharing rich experience on practical aspects of fraud prevention, detections and investigation based on real-life examples, in computerised environments, in well established business units. Mr. Vinod Khurana, who has been in the field of investigation for the last about 40 years and who himself has sniffed out 200 + frauds, investigated himself individually and as a part of the corporate team and has prosecuted scores of them to bring them to logical conclusion, will share his knowledge, insights and experience, covering different approaches to Sniffing out of Frauds and on Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Frauds.

The Symposium, in sum, is focused on sharing practical learning and is meant for all those who are in the field of fraud risk management.

About the Speaker

Vinod Khurana has been in the field of Finance and Investigative Audit for the last 40 years. Vinod started his own practice in Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit in the late nineties. During his widely exposed professional career in Govt., Public and Corporate Sector, Vinod has been investigating and educating on fighting White-Collar Crimes, by practicing a mix of Accounting, Law, Computerization, Intellectual Property, Ethics and Criminology coupled with his professional qualification being a B.Com, PGDFA, MBA, AICWA, CFA, LL.B, among other specialized qualifications in Investigation and on ERP Applications. Vinod has been visiting various establishments to undertake 'System Evaluations' and 'Forensic Audit' and has undertaken hundreds of such audits across industries. During the process of System Evaluation and Forensic Audit he himself has sniffed around 200 Frauds and White-Collar Crimes, some of them of very high value. He is often engaged by Corporate and Banks for various System Evaluations, Fraud Investigations, Due-Diligence during Acquisition & Restructuring, Legal Support and Training Programmes through sharing experiences.

Vinod is the Founder President of the Institute of Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit ( He is also the Executive Director of the Institute of Intellectual Property Research and Development ( wherein his personal focus is on Due-Diligence, Valuation and Theft of Intellectual Property. Vinod is also a Senior Partner in 500 legal recommended Law Firm, Khurana & Khurana Advocates & IP Attorneys ( and Litigates Fraud/ Infringement/ Contractual-disputes related matters.

Vinod has undertaken more than 150 National and International symposiums in different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, UAE among others, besides numerous in-house educational training programmes globally for well established Multi National Corporation, Banks, Govt Sector establishments such as SBI, IDBI, Axis Bank, ITC, Bharti, Jindal Group, World Bank among many others including number of programmes for CBI Academy on Forensic Audit & Fraud Investigation. Vinod is member of Delhi Bar Council. He is also associated with many Corporate as Advisor on developing and monitoring Fraud Risk Management Strategies.



Registration: From 0845 hrs onwards (0900-1030) Frauds and White–Collar Crimes, the Growing Menace Across Sectors; Fraud Risk Assessment and How Best to Prevent Frauds
This session will provide you learning on:
  • What types of frauds are growing
  • Why frauds are growing & factors that promote frauds
  • New growing trends in white-collar crimes
  • Often observed weak areas in accounting practices which promote frauds
  • How top management relates to corporate fraud
  • How to control fraud triangle
  • Session-II

    1030-1130: Computer Related Frauds: The New Growing Trend: Case Studies
    Session will provide you learning on:
  • Business risks in an automated environment
  • How application systems software and systems programmes interact
  • The translation process from source to executable
  • Audit risk in programme management
  • Identifying and assessing risk
  • Reconciliation
  • Error identification
  • Case studies
  • Session-III

    1145- 1300: Computerization / ERP as an Aid to Fraud & How Best to Prevent
  • How to structure ERP/ Computerisation
  • How to structure Data Mining
  • Understanding of Data Management and Data Analysis Technique
  • Audit risk in programme management
  • How to structure management of ERP/ IT System
  • Importance of Audit Trail and how to monitor/analyze them as early warnings
  • Session-IV

    1400-1530: Case Studies on Various Types of Frauds: Detected & Investigated by the Speaker
    Session will provide you learning on:
    Case Studies on various types of Frauds such as;
  • Banking Frauds
  • Asset misappropriations
  • Revenue skimming
  • Inventory theft
  • Payroll fraud
  • Fraudulent statements which involve falsifying an organization's financial statement
  • Revenue diversion
  • Investment frauds
  • Contract fudging among other such issues sniffed out, Investigated & Prosecuted by the speaker himself, with focus on Lead Indicator which lead to Sniffing and loose links which helped in Investigation and Prosecution
  • Session-V

    1545-1730: How to Undertake In-House Fraud Investigation at Corporate; Issues before you start, Core Investigation & How to bring the Investigation to Logical Conclusion, based on Live Case Study
    Session will provide you learning on:
  • Fraud analysis techniques & rationales (Case Study)
  • How to start if the management has suspicion and hunch for wrongs done
  • Interviewing and information gathering techniques, including electronic information and evidences
  • Dealing with whistle blowers
  • Monitoring employee behavior in an ethical manner
  • How to bring suspicion through investigation to logical conclusion
  • Critical steps for a successful internal investigation
  • Why do the corporate often shirk proceedings through legal mode
  • DAY-2


    0900-1000: Importance of Intellectual Properties in Global Scenario, Theft of Intellectual/ Intangible Property (IP) which often go Unnoticed and How Best to Prevent it
    This session will provide you clear understanding on the followings:
  • What Intellectual properties are and how they are different from physical properties in characteristics and value in monetary terms
  • What Intellectual Property Theft is? How does it affect the Companies Bottom Line?
  • Session-VII

    1000-1145: Forensic Audit as a Pro-Active Tool to Prevent & Detect Financial Frauds. How Data Analysis helps in Forensic Audit and is an Effective Tool to Combat Frauds and Fraud Risk Assessment (Case Studies)
    Session will provide you learning on:
  • Why to introduce Forensic Audit
  • Proactive Fraud Prevention and role of Forensic Auditor
  • Mindset of Forensic Auditor
  • Art of data mining to look for missing links to prevent and detect frauds
  • How best to find and analyze Red Flags and use them to sniff out frauds and White-Collar Crimes and minimise risk of fraud
  • Session-VIII

    1200-1300: Fast Coming Changes in Banking Sector in its Operation, Risk within in the Banking Sector and to the Industries at large; what must be done to Mitigate the Risk at all levels
    Session will provide learning on:
  • Critical areas of banking operation which are most vulnerable and can be easy exploited and reconciled
  • How best to simplify your banking operation (Corporate Perspective)
  • How best to monitor banking operation to prevent wrongs on account of bankers doing and corporate doing wrong. (Corporate Perspective)
  • Session-IX

    1400-1500: Tenders and Contracts; Weak Areas which Promote Frauds and White-Collar Crimes. How Best to Manage Tenders and Contracts to Eliminate Wrongs and Bring Better Transparency.
    Session will provide learning on:
  • Focus on Pre-award activities to bring transparency
  • Preparation of tender documents and best support practices
  • Factors which may promote crisis and contract risk management
  • Drivers for e-procurement
  • Contract drafting to prevent any wrong
  • Session-X

    1400-1500: THow to Design Meaningful Controls and Fraud Risk Management Strategy (Based on Case Study)
    Session will provide learning on:
  • How to structure and evaluate meaningful controls to prevent and detect any wrong
  • Types of Control-Preventive Controls, Detective Controls & Corrective Controls and how do they function
  • Fraud prevention is loss prevention, Key elements of a fraud risk management framework
  • How to structure & introduce Fraud Risk Management strategy
  • Discussion on how the fraud awareness and the knowledge on fraud consequences can help in fraud prevention
  • How best to build trust at corporate and how transparency helps setting Tone at the Top on Fraud Awareness & Fraud Prevention
  • Session-XI

    1715-1730: TQuestions Answers and Deliberation on any issue related to Frauds, Fraud Investigation & White Collar Crime

    Registration Fees:

    Rs. 14,600/- Per Delegate (Rs. 13,000/- + ST Rs. 1,600/-)
    Foreign Delegates - US$ 337 Per Delegate (USD 300 + ST USD 37)
    IFAIA Service Tax No: AABF16363FST001

    Nomination Form:

    Delegate nomination form shall be sent to IFAIA duly completed with the following details:
    Name of the Corporate, Name of the Delegate, Designation, Contact details of the Delegate, along with a cheque drawn in favour of "Institute of Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit" and mail it to IFAIA at:
    CA. Varun Khurana
    Secretary General
    Institute of Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit,(IFAIA)
    E-13, UPSIDC Site-IV, Kasna Road,
    Greater Noida-201308, UP, India.
    Transfer Funds at our Bank; details are as Follow:
    Bank Name: UCO Bank
    Branch Name: Greater Noida
    Bank Account Number: 19620210000120
    Bank Address: G N S Plaza, Site -IV, Kasna Road, Greater Noida
    MICR Code: 110028055
    IFSC Code : UCBA0001962
    Name of the Account Holder: Institute of Forensic Accounting & Investigative Audit


    Contact Person :
    Ms. P Suman +91- 0-9650843536, 9810281321, E: or
    Ph : +91-120-2342010/4296878, Fax: 2342011